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Thomas Datt Chronicles Radio Show

Standing out from the rest, Thomas Datt Chronicles is a one of a kind musical journey, which has a very dedicated and loyal following of trance enthusiasts. Originating 14 years ago on ETN.FM, it was a means for Thomas to share and express his very meticulous, and high standard of musical taste. This monthly 2 hour show eventually moved to the biggest internet radio station, Digitally Imported Radio (DI.FM for short) with the big Episode 100. For the next 70 months, Thomas kept delivering the newest and best examples of what the trance genre has to offer as a whole. It would include ambient, breaks, progressive house & trance, uplifting, 140, and of course the much beloved by him, psychedelic and goa.

Eventually it was time to say goodbye to the monthly format as it existed, to refocus his energies on creating something new. Now the show has re-emerged as a new entity in the form of Chronicles Live. The very first live stream on Twitch, lasted a full blown 9 hours! This has been the longest and best Datt set of his whole DJ career. The new venture features state of the art visuals, and a very professional approach to what streaming DJs are now offering. Once again the best of trance will be available to the fans, who have felt empty since the show has ended. Now rising like the Phoenix, the future is very bright for this beloved journey of healing frequencies and feel good soundscapes.

You can find most of the episodes on the Thomas Datt Podcast via iTunes, or via Soundcloud from episode 100+.

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