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- 71 music files that include extended mixes, radio edits, intros and outros, in WAVs

- Unreleased remixes, reworks & bootlegs 

- Remastered versions of 2v2, Alone and Alone (Chilled Mix)

-  Extended version of Picking Up The Pieces.

- 432hz version of Inside The Glacier, single tracks and continuous mix

Receive link after donation

This bundle is designed specifically for the truest of Datt fans.
It features many unreleased tracks that have been requested time and time again. These may have been shared before, but became unavailable since.

What hasn't been shared, is the full extended version of Picking Up The Pieces, with tracks like Letting Go, When Hope Fails, and the instrumental version of Dead Machines.

On top of that we have the 432hz retuned version of Inside The Glacier, for those wanting to float off into space even more than before. And lastly, the newly and previously unavailable remasters of 2v2, Alone, and Alone (Chilled).

There are other extras included, such as a remix that never saw the light of day, and a remastered version of an original that had the same fate. 

The bundle is only available by donation. You may pay what you want, but there is a suggested minimum price.
Upon checkout, you will receive the link via email.


Thank you, and happy listening!

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