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Manifest Your Creative Needs

A creative powerhouse, Thomas Datt realizes your audio and visual needs by delivering unique soundscapes and eye catching visual flair. Utilizing his spiritual gifts and talents, the master alchemist will bring forth your ideas and vision with custom made professional music, logos, and graphic design. Thomas offers an extensive library of royalty free music, which is perfect for guided meditations, energy healing, day spas, or anything that requires a relaxing, uplifting, inspirational, or spiritual soundtrack.  

Royalty Free Music

Earn Money With Royalty Free Music

Royalty free is a type of license that allows you to use the music legally in various commercial ways. With only a one-time purchase required, once paid for, there are no ongoing fees to worry about.  This is why the cost is much higher than regular music. You can use this kind of music as a backing to videos, voice recordings, or software applications. Some examples include YouTube videos, guided meditations, and corporate presentations. A masseur, Reiki energy healer or any other holistic practitioner, may also benefit from using this kind of music during a session, or even in the waiting room.  

The best part about purchasing anything royalty free, is that you’re able to make money on your creations. Whether it’s interactive apps on your phone and computer, videos for film and TV, or guided meditations for your clients and patients, you’re able to sell them on CDs, DVDs, or even an internet based store.  Unlike traditional music, you can monetize your media productions without paying any copyright fees.  For further details on what you are able to do with my music, please read the license agreement in full.

Logo Designing | Graphic Designing

Logos And Graphic Design

Logo Full Vector Aligned BLUE 300 transp

When starting a new business, it is necessary to have an identity attached to it. This is usually associated with a custom logo that gets the attention of your customers or clients. Most business owners aren’t graphic designers, and don’t necessarily have the skills to create their brand by themselves. Thomas Datt offers this service to anyone that’s serious in taking their brand identity to the next level. Having already worked extensively in the new age spiritual and metaphysical community, Thomas has created logos, CD artwork, as well as banners and E-book covers, for healers and lightworkers alike. For pricing and samples, be sure to visit the graphic design section.

ascension academy logo transparent.png
Music Editing | Music Production

One of the most exciting services offered, is the ability to create custom music specific to your needs. When having a certain vision in mind, stock music may not be enough to get you through the finish line. 

With over 17 years of experience as a professional musician, Thomas can create a strong emotional impact that fits perfectly with the story being told.  Click here to learn more.    

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