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I AM AFFIRMATIONS for Health and Happiness.

Start your morning routine with this powerful set of affirmations, which are backed by a moving piece of meditation music. These healing frequencies contain 10hz Binaural Beats Alpha Brainwaves, Solfeggio 528hz, soothing pads, gorgeous melodies, tribal drums, and a throat singer.

USE HEADPHONES for Binaural Beats.

Music and words are composed by myself for

I’ve been starting off my days by listening to various I AM affirmation videos on YouTube, but I needed something different, something more engaging with the audio, something that will put you in a trance. The music itself is a gorgeous transformational piece, that will lift up your vibration to a higher state of consciousness, relaxation, and positivity. I also put together the video of beautiful nature and words appearing on screen, so that you can follow along in case you are unable to listen to the music.

I Am Affirmations For Health And Happiness (Promo Code "IAMFREE")

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