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Cosmic Video Design

Taking things to the next level, is the bespoke video editing service.

It combines all necessary elements to make the perfect eye catching front page video.
Using your pre-existing, or custom made logo, we will combine it with a musical tone, along with a background video or static image. Then we give your logo life with a graphic, or particle revealing animation.

There’s nothing cooler than little cosmic particles bringing forth your brand identity
out of thin air.

The custom made logo reveal video, will have your clients wondering how you achieved such a top notch creation, while taking your business much more seriously.  

for video strip2.jpg

We will combine all the bits and pieces to manifest your visual experience, but if you’re missing any of the key components, we will happily assist you with that.

We’ll handle your logos, music, and video needs.  

services 1.jpg

Your video needs effects to make it interesting.

Here we edit any footage with fades, transitions, cuts, overlays, music or spoken word, and a proper audio master. 

$250  USD

$400 USD


services 2.jpg

This is how your logo appears, comes in, or reveals itself, in your new eye catching video. 

This is usually backed with a custom music tone (included), and a background video or image.

Example: videos on this page. 

$450 USD

services 3.jpg

Custom made background video or moving animation, which plays behind your logo, presentation, or music.

Example: see the spinning diamond in the
Quantum Sessions video above, and blue smoke effect behind me speaking.

$550 USD

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